About Us

The largest spinning and metal forming company in the UK

Founded in 1918 by London silversmith and metal spinner Edward John Purdie, the Purdie Group is the largest family-owned spinning and metal forming company in the UK.

Our reputation has been built on a commitment to craftsmanship, quality and service, with continued investment into the latest technology and machinery in recent years keeping us ahead of our rivals, and able to supply our customers with the very best dished end products.

Our dished ends are used in storage tanks, pressure vessels, road tankers, food processing operations, chemical plants, nuclear operations, oil refining, architectural features, traditional and renewable power generation, and even at times in art sculptures.

We offer the largest range of cold formed dished ends in the UK, with our central location ensuring we can easily distribute to north, south, east and west.

Our team has decades of combined experience, and will ensure your needs are met at all times.

Why Choose Us:

  • Reputation built on a commitment to craftsmanship
  • 100 years in the business
  • Established as the UK industry leaders
  • Continued investment into the latest technology, machinery and skills
  • Use of both spinning or pressing methods
  • Flexible on the sizes of product we can supply
  • Extensive quality control services provided
  • A commitment to serving our customers and exceeding their expectations

Meet the team

  • Clive Anderson

    Managing Director

  • Andy Baird

    Works manager

  • Mark Barmby

    Financial controller

  • Gary Canning

    Sales Engineer

  • Edward Down

    Engineering director

  • Layann Laban

    Sales Esimator

  • Amanda Rands

    Quality Engineer

  • Peter Rooney

    Operations manager

  • Lisa Way

    Sales office manager

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