Dow Corning


This was a rare and logistically demanding project for our team, given the scale of the dished end we were asked to produce.

From the out set this was going to test the all the facilities at PDE, the starting disc was almost 7 metres in diameter and 25mm thick, the plate weighed 6.5 tonnes! Unable to get this in a single piece two huge semi-circles were carefully welded together using the latest Sub-merged Arc welding techniques. Great care was taken by our Welding Engineers though as the welds would be 100% x-rayed after we had formed the head.

Once formed the 6 metre wide load was transported with full escort to our specialist heat treatment partners for normalising, after that it was back to Bradford for our inspection team for one final check that everything was in order.

Then it was back on the road for its final 200 mile journey to Dow Corning, South Wales. Apologies to any motorist who were slowed down by a giant 6 metre diameter alien space ship look-a-like!

Many thanks to our clients CPS for their business and invaluable project assistance and co-operation.

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