Sellafield, Cumbria


All equipment for the nuclear industry must be of the highest possible quality. Purdie Dished Ends are delighted to have passed the vetting process to be a chosen supplier of dished ends for process vessels used for the Evaporator ‘D’ project at the Sellafield site.

As one would expect, every aspect of the supply chain was rigorously controlled and inspected. From material selection, identification and the various production stages, BNFL’s inspection team kept a watchful eye on how we were doing.

We are pleased to say the orders went smoothly and as the pictures show, the ends are now fully assembled into vessels and on site in Cumbria, ready to go into service when required.

When operational, Evaporator D will be used to dry out highly-active raffinate produced during reprocessing and to process effluent from the Waste Vitrification Plant (WVP). Once concentrated through evaporation, the raffinate is called highly-active liquor (HAL). This is stored in the Highly Active Liquor Encapsulation and Storage facility prior to feeding to the WVP for Vitrification, which immobilises the waste for long-term storage and eventual disposal.

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