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Purdie production processes 'massively improved' due to 'Lean Manufacturing' disciplines

Purdie Dished Ends’ works manager Andy Baird says a commitment to adopting ‘lean manufacturing’ processes has transformed the way the company’s shop floor operates – bringing much greater efficiency to all production processes.

The company – which has been operating for close to 100 years - has been working with industry specialists to challenge the approach taken on the shop floor and encourage greater cleanliness, organisation and order.

It has seen all working practices reviewed in a bid to identify inefficiencies and wastage, with leadership teams appointed on the factory floor and tasked with not only highlighting poor practices, but also devising new, efficient ways of working.

It has seen them commit to the ‘5S’ programme to help de-clutter, organise, clean, standardise and sustain ‘Lean’ thinking throughout the business.

“Quite simply, it is all about everything having a place, and ensuring that everything is organised and looked after. If people use a machine, they don’t just finish their work and walk away, they maintain the piece of equipment and clean it as they work, ensuring all equipment is where it should be for the next person.” said Mr Baird

“The difference between the factory floor here now and a few years ago is amazing. People have really bought into it as they can see the changes we have made have made their working day easier and more rewarding. There’s much less downtime, much less waste.”

The programme at Purdie Dished Ends has also coincided with increased numbers being employed on the factory floor in recent years, to cope with extra orders and demands from customers – somewhat breaking the national trend in manufacturing.

“The company has invested in its shop floor, both through people and through new equipment,” added Mr Baird.

“I have been here since 1991 and I have worked on the shop floor in all that time. I can’t begin to describe how far we have come, not only over the past 10 years, but over the past 18 months.“

  • "Our business operates within the nuclear industry, as such it demands high performance both in product quality and delivery, I would like to thank the entire team at Purdies for their commitment to the recent project they supplied dished ends for. We would have no hesitation in using you again or indeed recommending you to others in our industry"

  • "Purdies have supplied us for over 10 years, the nature of our company means that our production requirements can change frequently to meet our market conditions, when this happens we depend of Purdies to work their magic and help us out in our time of need - a big thank you to all those who help us to look good with our clients when things get a bit hectic!"

  • "We have dealt with Purdie for 20 years, we are a small company but they have demonstrated time and time again that they really do care about all customers regardless of their size."

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